About Us

The Los Angeles Preservation Network (LAPNet) was established in January 1987 to meet some of the preservation needs of librarians, archivists, conservators and records managers working in Los Angeles city and county.  Its affairs are managed by a Steering Committee of ten to fifteen members drawn from libraries and other record depositories in the Los Angeles area.  The Committee hopes to involve a wide range of interested professionals in the activities of the network by inviting them to serve on subcommittees and task forces and to participate in workshops and seminars.  LAPNet aims to foster the development of cooperative preservation programs among all the libraries in Los Angeles, irrespective of size or type, and to serve as a forum of information exchange between librarians and others concerned with preservation and conservation.
LAPNet was incorporated as a non-profit organization in the state of California in January 1990.  In May 1991, the Internal Revenue Service recognized LAPNet as a non-profit organization under Section 509 (A)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code.


  1. I own a rare catalog, issued by B. Barling & Sons in the 1920’s, which I would like to have photographed, conserved, and duplicated. The catalog is in a fragile state and needs careful handling. It may be the only extant full copy.
    I purchased it from a retired director of the company. A search using Worldcat did not turn up any listings, so it’s rare, to say the least. Can you offer me any contacts to services in the Los Angeles area?

    Thank you for your time and attention,

    Jesse Silver

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