Save the Date! ePADD Workshop, March 28, 2018

LAPNet is excited to host the upcoming workshop:
Appraising, Processing, and Providing Access to Historical Email Collections with ePADD

When: Wednesday, March 28, 2018, 1-5pm
Where: Getty Research Institute at Getty Center

This workshop will provide participants with the knowledge and experience to begin to implement ePADD at their institution, in order to appraise, process, and provide access to email archives in their collections.

Participants will learn how to ingest email from MBOX files or through an IMAP connection, the processes ePADD carries out upon ingest (de-duplication, name resolution, named entity recognition/classification), how to instruct a donor on appraising and transferring their own email, how to use browse and search features to screen for and restrict confidential or sensitive messages and attachments, how to annotate messages, how to assign authority records to correspondents using ePADD, and how to export mail between ePADD modules. Participants will also learn how researchers can use these same tools within ePADD to discover, browse, and search relevant messages, including how they can review and request specific messages and attachments.

The workshop will also include discussion on overcoming potential implementation challenges, as well as opportunities to participate in ePADD‘s development. The workshop will be beneficial for all those with a responsibility or interest in processing and/or providing access to email archives.

The workshop will be co-taught by Peter Chan, Digital Archivist, Stanford University (ePADD Project Manager) and Josh Schneider, Assistant University Archivist, Stanford University (ePADD Community Manager).

Stay tuned for more info from LAPNet!

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