To Have or To Hold: Balancing Preservation and Access (Virtual)

Finding the middle ground between hands off and hands on when working with special collections and archives.

Monday September 27, 2021


As stewards of cultural heritage, we want to make our collections as widely accessible as possible to preserve and disseminate knowledge as well as fostering new ideas and completing histories. We also want to preserve the physical objects for the future. Managing these competing goals will be the topic of discussion in this LAPNet panel exploring questions about how to balance preservation with access in special collections and archives. The panelists will discuss their own experiences and solutions in confronting this tension in research, instruction, and exhibition settings. Attendees gain a deeper understanding of theoretical and practical considerations when making their own institutional decisions.

Panelists are LAPNet Steering Committee members Lisa Forman (Getty Research Institute), Christina Rice (Los Angeles Public Library), Michaela Ullmann (USC) and Hilary Swett (Writers Guild Foundation, moderator).

Register for this free virtual discussion here.

If you missed the event or would like to revisit, the recording is now available below.

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