Introduction to Basic Book Repair: Decision making and techniques

Learn how to evaluate typical book structures, prioritize repairs, and use simple tools to perform basic book repairs in this one-day, hands-on workshop taught by UCLA Library’s Head of Conservation, Chela Metzger. Participants will try repair techniques such as hinge repair, page replacement, and tipping-in loose pages; share concerns about the role of book repair in the workplace; and come away with resources for further learning.

Who should attend?

This workshop is geared toward library, archives, and other repository staff who have responsibility for the preservation of circulating collections.


UCLA Library Preservation Studios


Saturday, May 6, 2017
9:00a – 5:00p


A box lunch, parking, and a few basic tools are included in the fee. Participants are encouraged to bring up to three of their own books for practicing repairs.
ENROLLMENT VERY LIMITED! Due to the hands-on nature of the course and our limited space, the workshop is limited to 8 participants. Enroll now! Click to go to the Eventbrite site to purchase tickets EVENTBRITE.

About the instructor

Consuela (Chela) Metzger has been working with libraries since third grade and still loves it. She has taught the ethics, philosophy and technical aspects of book care since 2001 and is happy to now be working with the Preservation team at UCLA Library. For an example of her interest in book conservation education and other research issues see and

Book Repair


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