Free Water Emergency Webinar Series with Conserv – Starts November 15th at 12 PM CST

Water damage, whether from a leaking pipe or a catastrophic hurricane, poses a risk to collections everywhere. Join Conserv for three free webinars designed to help collection stewards prepare for water emergencies. In the first two webinars (November 15th, November 28th), emergency preparedness and response expert Rebecca Kennedy of Curae Collections Care will discuss water risk and initial response to water emergencies. In the third webinar (December 6th), hear from staff at real-world museums about their experience with water emergencies, and what they learned.

Register here for all three webinars!

Water Risk and Your Collection

Tuesday, November 15th, 12 PM CST

How can we use a risk assessment framework to be ready for water emergencies?

Featuring Rebecca Kennedy, Curae Collections Care LLC

Water Incidents: Initial Response

Monday, November 28th, 11 AM CST

A water incident has occurred. What do you do? 

Featuring Rebecca Kennedy, Curae Collections Care LLC

Water Incidents: Case Studies

Tuesday, December 6th, 12 PM CST

Hear how real-world collections tackle water emergencies.

Featuring Violetta Wolf, Oakland Museum of California, and Sarah Frederick, The Museum of Flight

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