Born-Digital Preservation: Challenges and Considerations (virtual webinar)

Learn about digital preservation for born digital collections!

Wed, September 23, 2020
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM PDT

Registration, $10

About this Event

As we navigate our digital world, we must also navigate the challenges and considerations that come with preserving digital records for posterity. This webinar will focus on the complications that born-digital materials introduce into traditional archival workflows, with several case studies showing how museums, libraries, and archives have addressed them. After each case study is presented, the webinar will open up to discussion among the participants about the challenges they face with born-digital preservation at their respective institutions, and possible strategies for preservation.

This event is geared toward those who work in library, archives, and museums and are responsible for the preservation of born-digital materials.

About the Presenter

Jacob Zaborowski is a Digital Library Assistant at the Getty Research Institute, where he works to make digitized materials available to researchers and scholars. He has worked with a diverse group of institutions, including Democracy Now!, NYU Libraries, the Fort Lee Film Commission, and Major League Baseball. He is a graduate of New York University’s Moving Image Archiving and Preservation program; his graduate thesis focused on preserving web-based video created using Flash.

Prior to his current role at the Getty, he did post-graduate work at the Research Institute to evaluate their born-digital workflows and research digital preservation strategies across a wide spectrum. His professional interests include born-digital preservation and community archiving.

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